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熊本 鶴屋百貨店 - Kumamoto Tsuruya Department Store -

2015/09/03 19:14
熊本 鶴屋 百貨店 Kumamoto Tsuruya Department Store 画像


Great success even today thanks to like, Kumamoto Tsuruya Depart limited shop ♪
In great success Speaking here of the catalog is also thanks to like.

山城 やましろ 京ちぢみ 京縮み ステテコ すててこ Yamashiro Kyoto Kyochijimi long pants steteco suteteco 画像


It often also reflection point is also made quite a number of copies,
but It will ship as long as it is a request. If it is good.

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今年最後の出張販売 -This year the end of business trip sale

2015/09/02 15:50
山城 催事 イベント 限定 ショップ ポップアップ Yamashiro special events event limited shop popup 画像

山城本隊が最後の限定ショップは熊本 鶴屋百貨店です!

Yamashiro last limited shop is Tsuruya Department Store Kumamoto!
Also we have been opening vigorously today ♪

熊本 鶴屋 百貨店 Kumamoto Tsuruya Department Store 画像

皆様のお越しを心より、お待ちいたしております m( _ _ )m

Also this time cheap Pants set in bring in a limited set!
From the bottom of my heart for coming of everybody, we wait.

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レセプション - Reception -

2015/09/01 10:47
テキスタイル デザイン 生地 ブランド レセプション Textile design fabric brand Reception 画像

ではでは今季最後の山城限定ショップ in 熊本 の準備=3

This day is the reception of those who launched the textile brand last year.
Next season I think let's change the product planning so as to be in long pants to be different and to a little now. In I went to this summer,
the end of the Yamashiro limited shop in Kumamoto preparation of.

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晩夏 - Late summer -

2015/08/31 13:34
ステテコ すててこ steteco suteteco steteko suteteko 画像

晩夏に穿くステテコも ... また最高に気持ち良いのである。

Boulder in late summer long pants also highest in pleasant

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夏祭り - The Summer festival -

2015/08/30 11:44
京都 小学校 有隣 夏祭り The Summer festival Kyoto elementary school YUURIN 画像


The summer festival this day was a neighborhood elementary school
Because sweat come blown to scare off Workshop materials.

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京都市水族館 - Kyoto Aquarium -

2015/08/29 08:38
京都市 水族館 Kyoto Aquarium 画像


Not the word vacation in fortress at the end of the homestretch now
But little in Kyoto aquarium night by I a non-everyday

夜 拝観 観覧 Admission viewing night 画像


Popular dolphin and water show did not see a large congestion

イルカ 水 ショー Dolphin water show 画像


It became downright cool feeling. Night is good.

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五山の送り火 - Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan -

2015/08/28 11:42
京都 五山の送り火 kyoto Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan 画像


The day of the ceremonial bonfire of Gozan in the roof of the building of the north.
Was luxuriously send your ancestor's while the BBQ

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雪花絞り ハーフパンツ - sekka tie‐dyed fabric harf pants -

2015/08/27 13:34
雪花絞り ハーフパンツ sekka tie‐dyed fabric harf pants 画像

可愛くて上品な雪花絞りの ハーフパンツ は本当に楽ちん♪

The final collaboration products in stock and Katayama Bunzaburo shops.
Cute and elegant Japanese traditional technology, SEKKA SHIBORI shorts of which has been subjected to SHIBORI really A good fit♪
Although it is in late summer, but there a limited edition with a limited number.

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貴船 - Kyoto Kibune -

2015/08/26 10:59
京都 貴船 Kyoto Kibune 画像

この日は早く形にしないと! で貴船方面に。

Since this day I do not do not to early form in Kibune.
Say is bad, tourists a lot to this deep in the mountains

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西陣織会館 - Nishijin products Hall -

2015/08/25 12:13
京都 織物 伝統 産業 西陣織 会館 Kyoto textile tradition industry Nishijin Center 画像


This day in Nishijin Textile Center is in the Nishijin = 3
It is embarrassing story and that there was no you made until this age
And it was interesting to look. But it is a lot of people of other countries.

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参考書 - Reference book -

2015/08/24 12:01
ユニクロ zara 鎌倉シャツ 本 Uniqlo zara Kamakura shirt book 画像


Recently and book system called conspiracy theory, while input is also a variety of information in the document this. company to be considered in the future, to go stretch, and likely to be incorporated even one, it was myself a place also it is foraging reading this presence close to the position. Also read several books a month and I would do is go taking advantage of remaining in mind how much hell.
Soon it does thought this how to read and Ikanne.

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Brooklyn Machine Works Cruiser

2015/08/23 11:01
Brooklyn Machine Works Cruiser 24 24inch 画像

遂に私の元に Brooklyn Machine Works の24inch、Cruiserが。
コレを流して数年 ... 想ってからは10数年経ってますね(笑)

The feelings this time, what I was after many years of feeling?
Finally my hand in Brooklyn Machine Works of 24inch, the Cruiser.
A few years ago, miraculous one that was found when it was a state that does not quite fit in the hand. Passed a few years by passing this ... and Thoughts from it have passed 10 years. For a while is likely to drink sake this to count on

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肉 - Meat for muscle -

2015/08/22 11:01


I was eating Bakka meat because I wanted to complete the body until the MIKOSHI.


でも自身が思うような体には未だなっておらず ... 来年に持ち越しです(笑)

But not yet become a body like themselves think ... is carried over to the next year.

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京都 鳳泉 - Kyoto Chinese HOUSEN -

2015/08/21 12:41
京都 中華 料理 鳳泉 Kyoto Chinese HOUSEN 画像

この日は近くの中華料理 鳳泉 で広東そばと炒飯を♪

This day and buckwheat Guangdong in the vicinity of Chinese fried rice HOUSEN

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2015/08/20 12:26
京都 修学院 蕎麦 そば 塩竈 しおがま シオガマ 画像

修学院にある大盛り感がハンパない 塩竈 さん。

I wonder if here for the first time of introduction?
Shiogama large serving feeling is not odd in Shugakuin.

Kyoto Shugakuin buckwheat soba Shiogama 画像

この日もコレデモカ! っつうぐらいの大盛り感で(笑)
あっ! 塩竈さんが良い店じゃないって意味ではございません(笑)

Generous helping condition of about this day also Koredemoka! Ttsuu
Recently, we are focused on buckwheat but can not find the good store.
Shiogama san It is not in the sense I not a good store.

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鶴橋 冷麺館 - Reimenkan -

2015/08/19 12:26
鶴橋 冷麺館 韓国料理 冷麺 韓国 Tsuruhashi Hiyamen-kan Korean food cold noodles Korea 画像

この日は奈良だったので10年ぶり? 鶴橋の冷麺館に。

This day Korean city Osaka for the first time in '10, in the cold noodles Museum of Tsuruhashi. Large satisfaction ♪ in quality that I've eaten in a long time does not change. I bought in oodles To souvenir & okra soy sauce & yam of Kimchi

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石黒香舗 - Ishiguro Japan scent of shop -

2015/08/18 11:28
京都 三条 匂い袋 にほい 匂い 袋 石黒香舗 Kyoto Sanjo Ishiguro Japan scent of shop Sachet 画像

山城の京都店舗で御客様から頂いた御代金のお釣りを返す時、少しでも京都を感じて頂きたくて"お札"に匂いをつけております。もう御存知でしょうが京都三条の石黒香舗さん♪ いつもコチラの店の方にも山城のステテコを愛用頂いているのですが、私も個人的な財布の札の部分に"匂い袋"入れてます。いつも匂いなくなったら伺って白檀を入れ替えて。だいたい半年ぐらいかな?
って何の話(笑) えぇ格好しぃの話か。

Contact fishing of the price that I got guests in Kyoto tempo in the Fortress, we have put a smell to a "bill" to want you to feel the Kyoto even a little. You know, towards the Kyoto Sanjo "Ishiguro kouho" ♪ always here shops have also gotten wore long pants of Yamashiro, I also part of the tag of personal wallet I put "smell bag". Always replace the sandalwood is heard if you no longer smell. What story will?
I do about roughly half a year

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ファイテン - Phiten -

2015/08/17 12:22
ファイテン Phiten チタン 磁気 テープ 肩こり 肩凝り 腰痛 Titanium magnetic tape stiff neck stiff shoulders low back pain 画像

いやボカシてるだけか(笑) を只今お試し中でございます。

It is a prone shoulder of damage working hard muscle.
Kore middle various troublesome pain. Will the possible improvement in the titanium compounded tape of Phiten was anti-until now? There are right now the trial.

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横浜の夜 - Yokohama night -

2015/08/16 10:44
横浜 ゴールドジム フィットネス Yokohama Gold's Gym Fitness 画像

ココでも夜中にGG通うw 一応マスター会員という全国行ける会員なんですが場所によってはフランチャイズらしく ... 余計な施設料金徴収されます。熊本も横浜も( T T )

On the day we have tasted the dynamism required further thrust is. I went to the Gold's Gym in here. And I'm a member that can be used nationwide facilities that master member by The location ish franchise ... it will be extra facilities tolling.
Kumamoto also Yokohama also.

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夏の東京と横浜 - Summer of Tokyo and Yokohama -

2015/08/15 12:03
東京 新宿 伊勢丹 百貨店 Tokyo Shinjuku Isetan department store 画像

いつも御世話になっている方々が京都展で出店されていたので ...
ってまさかの前日で終了していたという(笑) でも ...

Yokohama Takashimaya of construction at the department store the day, and went to the Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo in one morning. Because people always has been your care had been opened in Kyoto Exhibition ...
But that was not end with a rainy day the day before. But ...

メンズ館 メンズ 館 男物 肌着 下着 Men's Building Men's Building Men's underwear 画像


I was able to still it can be said that is not is good business negotiation in story, I was able to reunite to have been opened in the way and Isetan Men's Building Shinjuku first floor you have met previously

横浜 高島屋 百貨店 限定 ショップ 山城 Yokohama Takashimaya department store limited shop Yamashiro 画像


Ready to move to a limited shop at Takashimaya Yokohama Yamashiro ♪ The blazing it was the day you have tasted the sense of movement that does not lose in the sun.

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